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Return of group tourism in 2023

It is well known that these last few years have not been good for the tourism sector, and even less so for tourist groups, where Covid-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine have wreaked quite a bit of havoc.

However, it is expected that 2023 will break with this, and tourism will recover gradually, that is, it is expected that we will soon reach numbers close to those of 2019 in terms of group tourism.

At Top Group Express we see how day by day, group requests are increasing, more and more national and international agencies are requesting availability for their groups.

If you are an agency and you have not yet decided to try our tool, use it for all your requests for + 7 rooms, you will not regret it, since it is easy to use, in addition to the fact that you can easily manage your groups from our intranet.

Do not think about it anymore and ‘get on the bandwagon’, every day there are more agencies that trust Top Group Express for their groups, and I think that now is the best moment for you to try and use us, with the arrival of requests for group again.