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Retail differentiation across groups.

A few years ago, all the retail travel agencies thought the business was over. That the internet would end the visit to the agencies, and the sales. Far beyond that assumption, history has shown that the internet has done nothing more than help them sell more. The work has been expedited. There are more travelers.

At Top Group Express we can solve one more step. We make it possible for retailers to differentiate themselves, create their own packages, make their imaginations come to light, or the requests of their clients. We approach agencies, a negotiated product which we have constructed.

Street travel agencies, those of a lifetime, those close to groups, associations, schools, and more organizations that decide to travel in groups, can schedule group trips through the Top Group Express platform, where we can make hotel reservations for groups in any destination, keeping track of them.

Dream school trips, with much more profitability, since having the structure of the hotel, the puzzle of the activities is built with no intermediaries other than the same agency that makes the package. Leaving the main cost of hotel negotiation to the platform. Listing groups, selling them, operating with them, is no longer an ordeal. Top Group Express provides agencies with endless possibilities.

Sporting events have brought another important demand that is difficult to overcome without a tool like the one offered by Top Group Express. More solutions that you can find are to quote packages sold square by square, such as Christmas markets, music festivals, or fantastic snow packs, which are already ending the season.

Each group has its needs, and the good thing about Top Group Express is that it allows retailers to make their taylor made trip. Because each client is different, and adaptation makes the difference. Booking the special group hotel for every occasion is just a few clicks away at Top Group Express.

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