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New additions to our platform.

The objective of the Top Group Express project is taking shape more and more, to be a ‘bedbank’ for groups.

The new improvements that are being added from the IT department of Top Group Express are increasingly evident, improvements that reduce time margins, make us more competitive and cover a greater field of action.

In recent months, Tic colleagues have added improvements such as being able to indicate in the request a point of reference to which you want the hotel you will choose to be close to, or for example the latest thing they are orchestrating, an automatic quote for groups, only existing in Top Group Express.

Internally, frequent changes are being made so that we are more efficient and we can reduce the response time, and offer you quotes according to the parameters required in your requests. Eliminaing the proposals that do not match what you need or even going further and making proposals that you had not considered for your group. I feel for Top Group Express, the main objective, to be useful for agency work.

If when I started working here in the summer of 2019, they told me that at a technological and innovation level the company would expand so much and automate to the levels that we are achieving, I would not have believed it or imagined it, but it is already a reality and today Top Group Express is constantly evolving for its clients, and it is a total pleasure to be part of the team.

In short, each addition, each improvement, each small nuance, keeps Top Groups one step ahead in tourism innovation. Adding value to the sector.