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Hotels have increased their occupancy with the Groups

The constant battle against seasonality is engaged with a range of suppliers. The tour performance is essential, a piece for a large part of the hotel industry, and for the groups, blows of  the current charges. Top Group Express, to quote lots and to be able to have better results, the efficient solution.

Businesses such as NH or Barcelo have large clusters that quote the petitions of groups. At Top Group Express we work all these processes, leaving the creative side of the experiences to the agents. There is the figure that betters the prices – revenue – yield , which marks the pricing policy of the establishment. Both for individuals and groups. These essential agents make it achievable for the billing to be made together. 

The prices applied in groups are usually around 30% below individual reservations. Traveling in a group betters costs. All markets work in a similar way, hotels, despite the fact that groups need more staff and sometimes this can be extremely expensive, the price is lower than individual reservations, it has to be like that so that tour operators see their work is rewarded. It is for this reason that the Top Group Express funnel encourages Hotels to be competitive taking advantage of purchasing channels such as Top Group Express.

Automating the group quote processes is possible. Top Group Express is an essential reservation center for all group operators. There is no more inventory available, these are real prices, real availability, in CURRENT situations.