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The prediction rate is a reality through data parameterization. Every day we are closer in Top Group Express to obtain the exact prediction. The accumulation of data that grows larger each day makes it possible for us to refine in conjunction with evolution.

We use in top group express, different metrics for the hotel match. It is super interesting, to be able to categorize hotels, by the rate brackets in which they move. Knowing if it is a family hotel where the rates are characterized by integers among others, or a hotel that controls the yield of rates through various tools, in which they use trying to fine tune strange decimals to the maximum, neither even on an impossible basis + VAT

It requires many hours of observation, and it is fascinating to see how the tools mature, the prices refine, the revPAR improve… and the fact that I like the most,  is that in Spain we are getting closer to other destinations.

ADRs are rising, whatever the day of the week, the dedicated observatory at Top Group Express has a good example of this.

The quotation of groups is an important place.The only one in which we move in top group express. There are some hotels that depend on this market. Other hotels, on the other hand, prefer to isolate themselves in this regard, considering that it is not chic enough… but… who say no  with 20 well-priced rooms… and pre-paid.

The trend has changed, top group express is there to support it.

The prices are no longer contracted years in advance, they are dynamic, current and change as flights or individual reservations have been doing for years. The moment has come. And the ideal funnel for the channel is Top Group Express

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